Rural Home Technology

Wet Basement Drainage

Keeping Your

Home's Feet Dry  

How to:

  • dry out existing wet basements,
  • fix foundation leaks,
  • waterproof foundations, and
  • keep new basements from ever getting wet.

Discover simple solutions the big Basement Drainage franchises won't tell you about because easy fixes often don't provide an opportunity for them to sell their most profitable products or services

-Proven Techniques developed by a 40 year construction veteran-

-No products to sell, only ideas that can help solve your problem-

This document is now available electronically for a nominal fee through 

Please let me know how and if Keeping Your Home's Feet Dry helped you.  If you still have questions after reading it, please send them along so I can get a better idea of what other readers may need.

Please note that this document is almost 40 pages in length.  While it is still in draft format, it represents much of what I've learned about solving wet basement problems for the past forty years in the mountains of New Hampshire.  Please contact me with your questions, comments, or successes so that I can update the publication to help others before it ultimately goes to press.

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           Russ Lanoie 


Before I called you I had a salesmen for an out-of-town basement waterproofing company look at my water problem and his recommendation did not make nearly as much sense as yours.  Clearly he was selling the company product whereas you diagnosed the actual problem and provided me a solution that was tailored to it.
T.C., North Conway, NH

Last night, after the rain fell all day long, I came home to a dry basement. It looks as if you hit the nail on the head with that leaky basement!

T. R., Bartlett, NH

I've just been visiting your wonderful website! What generous sharing of helpful and thorough information!


I went to your website and spent an educational hour or more surfing! You have certainly taken a great deal of care in putting useful information out to educate your consumers.

J.S., Fryeburg, Maine, after having Russ do a septic inspection for a home purchase