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Let us provide you with the tools and the know-how to smooth out the bumps, dry up the mud, and make those miserable potholes in your dirt or gravel roads and driveways disappear.

The know-how: A Ditch In Time: A short course in dirt or gravel road and driveway maintenance.

The tools: The Front Runner grader/rake is an attachment that fits onto the front of pickup trucks or tractors for grading and maintaining dirt and gravel roads, cleaning up logging and industrial sites, finish grading and landscaping. 


Quick demo on truck:   

On truck & tractors      

On Skid Steer  loaders:   

Various clips no narration: 

  • Description: An explanation of the Front Runner grader/rake, how it works, why it was developed and its features and benefits.
  • Truck Flyer (pdf): Detailed description of the truck rake in PDF format.
  • Maine FrontRunner Program
  • Front Runner & Fisher Plows (pdf): An explanation of the different Fisher snowplow systems & sizes and tips for making the changeover on the Minute Mount (PDF format).
  • Photos: Front Runner in action.
  • Articles: How Front Runner is used to maintain gravel roads and driveways.
  • Frequently Asked Questions ... with appropriate answers.
  • Users: Who uses a Front Runner and what do they use it for?
  • Testimonials: We share some of the experiences of our many users.
  • Order Information: Information on where you can purchase a Front Runner grader/rake for your home, business or institution.

Who and Why: Personal information on the Front Runner's designer.

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We are all very pleased with the work that you did to improve and repair the damage to our road system caused by the flooding of last summer. I have only heard praises for your work and remarks to indicate that the roads have never looked so good.

P. C., Johnson Dev, Albany, New Hampshire

Everyone I've talked to says the road has never been better!

B. R., McWain Shores, Waterford, Maine

Just to let u know that the work you did in our lot held up very well thru a tremendous downpour we had a few weeks ago. After 26 years it's finally under control.

A. M., CTHA, Ski-Slope-side Condo development, Bartlett, New Hampshire

When I got up last weekend my neighbors came over to discuss the (recent heavy rain) storm and they were amazed at how the driveway stood up to that storm. You did a better than expected job.

D. E., North Conway, New Hampshire

I would like to thank you for directing me to "A Ditch in Time". It will be extremely helpful when making our driveway. The printable version is very convenient! A million Thanks,

B. M.