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Who uses Front Runner and what do they use it for?

Towns and municipalities use Front Runner for road maintenance as a supplement to their road graders and, in some instances, in place of a grader on small roads, driveways and parking lots. Most towns use the truck mounted Front Runner because, at least in the snowbelt, these trucks are already outfitted with a snowplow hoist.

Some towns have a Front Runner primarily for the purpose of snow removal on soft roads (early and late winter storms when the ground is not frozen.) See Foster, RI article.

Contractors use the grader / rake Front Runner either mounted on a pickup truck or skid steer loader for site clean up and road maintenance during construction. See: Testimonials

Landscapers usually use skid-steer or tractor mounted grader / rakes for leveling, sub and finish grading, spreading topsoil and preparation for seeding. See FAQ: Driving over your work

Campgrounds often do not have grading equipment for road maintenance. Many have discovered the truck mounted Front Runner keeps their roads maintained quickly and easily.

Loggers and woodlot owners use the grader / rake for road maintenance and for landing cleanup. Most loggers in the Northeast snowbelt already have a plowtruck on which to mount a Front Runner.

National Forest, State Parks and Recreation use truck mounted units for road and campsite maintenance. The US Forest Service has Front Runners in a testing program at several locations throughout the US.

Homeowners, estates use Front Runner or the FFC grader / rake for maintaining long driveways. Units are mounted on pickup trucks and various types of utility or compact tractors that the home or estate owner already has.

Industrial application, such as sawmills or other millyards use the unit for yard maintenance and cleanup, often mounting the grader / rake on an all terrain forklift, using the lift and tilt controls to operate the unit. One mill operator in Maine did his entire stormwater runoff project with a Front Runner on the forks of a 920 Cat loader.

Front Runner and the FFC grader / rake are used by anyone who needs to cleanup, grade or maintain gravel surfaces. They can be mounted on almost any machine that can lift and push such as: plowtrucks, compact tractors, utility tractors, forklifts and small articulated loaders.